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DZB312 Series Special Inverters For cnc router

  • DZB312 series special inverter for carving machine is designed for carving machining industry, it ad

product overview

DZB312 series special inverter for cnc router is designed for carving machining industry, it adopts  sine wave pulse width vector control technology with specialized macro code function built-in, it's easy for installation and debugging,  reasonable wiring technology makes it stable and reliable. 

Product features

◆ It can realize 8 segment speed running for convenient macro card control

◆ Adopt 32-bit microprocessor and sine PWM control

◆ Unique core algorithm and low interference

◆ Adopt independent air duct for many dust occasions

◆ Automatic torque promotion and automatic slip compensation function

◆ Output frequency range 0~600.0Hz,customized up to 2000Hz

◆ Built-in standard 485 communication function

◆ Humanized design: Carving machine specialized macro code factory set parameters, easy for debugging




◆ various engraving machine, high speed motorized spindle

Technical parameters

◆ input voltage:1AC220V±15%  3AC220V±15%  3AC380V±15%

◆ Output power range:220V:0.75kW~15kW,380V:1.5kW~15kW

◆ output frequency:0~600Hz,custom-made above 600Hz

◆ Input frequency 47~63Hz,power factor≥95%

◆ control mode:Non-PG vector control, V/F control

◆ Source of operation instruction:given by panel, terminal and   RS485 communication

◆ Source of given frequency:given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485  serial communications, multi-speed simple PLC and PID etc.

◆ Overload capacity:130% rated current 60s、150% rated current 3s

◆ Carrier frequency:1.0kHz~15.0kHz,and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristic.

◆ Frequency resolution:the given digital value is 0.01Hz,and the analog quantity is given as the highest frequency plus 0.1%

◆ Torque elevation:Manual torque can elevate 0~30%

◆ Inching operation:frequency range:0.0Hz~ Maximum output frequency Inching acceleration and deceleration time:0~3600.0s

◆ Simple PLC and multistage speed operation:it can realize up to 8 segments running

◆ Automatic voltage regulation: When grid voltage fluctuation occurred, it can automatically maintain constant output voltage


Appearance and Installation dimension  



Application case

At present, numerical control carving machine gradually become the essential professional tool for production in each industry. With the CNC numerical control technology combined with high performance inverter controller and servo drive device, numerical control carving machine now has become the mainstream in today's carving industry.


Spindle system is one of the important components of numerical control carving machine, the performance has vital effects on the performance of the machine. Inverter, as the heart of spindle system is the indispensable key component. This paper mainly introduces application of numerical control carving machine on the spindle drive system.

The composition and working principle of engraving machine:

Today's mainstream numerical control carving machine is made up of computer, engraving machine controller and main body itself, working principle is that through configured special engraving software, it will make pattern design and layout and then sent the information to engraving machine controller by computer, these information will be transformed into pulse signal by control which can drive servo motor to control X、Y、Z carving knife position on main body. Meanwhile, controller will boot inverter and drive engraving head on spindle motor in high-speed revolution to make cutting, drilling and milling on processing materials fixed on the workbench, it will carve each kind of plat or solid embossed graphics and words designed in the computer and realize carving automation, different processing materials and technical requirements ask for different special configuration tools.


Spindle control system of numerical control carving machine:

Spindle system is one of the important components of numerical control carving machine, the performance has vital effects on the performance of the machine.

Numerical control carving machine asks for infinitely variable speeds on spindle system, currently it mainly realized by ac asynchronous motor driven by inverter. Spindle motor usually adopts dipolar high-speed water-cooled brushless motor, in this way, it has low noise and large cutting force. Running speed is usually in 0 ~ 24000 r/min, corresponding inverter's operation frequency is 0 ~ 400 hz. In order to improve machining efficiency, multiple spindle heads will be applied on large carving machine, an inverter can drive several spindle motors at the same time.

Fuling DZB312 series high-performance inverter specialized for engraving machine with its unique, super performance and superior cost-effective can meet the requirements of wide range of speed regulation, high speed stability and overload ability.


Electrical wring diagram and inverter parameter settings of spindle system:

  Engraving machine power supply system has single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V. Most models adopt single-phase 220V to make power supply. Electrical wiring way can divide into following two types according to different methods of given frequency source:

1  Source of spindle frequency is the way given by analog quantity

frequency source of inverter adopts 0 ~ 10V output analog signals output by numerical control system, corresponding operation frequency is 0 ~ 400 hz. It can achieve stepless speed regulation to spindle and change spindle cutting speed according to different objects or engraving technologies. It widely used in high-end engraving machine for higher and fine artistic carving.

Installation wiring of inverter is as following:

Requirements and conditions required by system:

(1) control mode choice is V/F control;

(2)It needs terminal control as command source, two line terminal control: FWD is forward running ( S1input), REV reversal running (S2 input); 

(3)frequency source is analog quantity (Computer movement control card 4 ~ 20 mA output or 0-10DC), input frequency order from analog input port;

(4)running speed is usually at 0~24000r/min,in this way, running frequency of inverter is 0~400Hz;

(5)Acceleration and deceleration time usually is 10s based on customer demand, because running speed is high.;

Main operation parameters:

F0.01: 1:Terminal command channel

F0.03: 2:VI  given frequency channel

F0.05 upper limiting frequency:400.0Hz 

F0.13: acceleration time:10s 

F0.14: deceleration time:10s 

F1 group(electric machine parameter):input ( motor rated power, rated frequency, rated speed motor, rated voltage and rated current) according to high speed motor nameplates. It will implement no load dynamic self learning after input correct motor parameter, and it will run after self-learning and setting.

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