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COVID-19 is affecting the entire world, from local businesses to global enterprises. Our Pandemic Risk Hub is a centralised resource centre that offers insights, guidance and information to help you stay informed on what this global pandemic means for your organisation, whether your operations are in New Zealand or beyond.

It is important to take a People-First approach by listening to employees' concerns and preparing to amend policies and plans based on evolving advice from local governments and health officials. Account for financial, business, and personal impacts of these actions.




As COVID-19 makes its unprecedented mark on businesses and society as a whole by potentially changing the way we work and our way of life forever, we examine how organisations can prioritise their employees, whilst still meeting the needs of customers and looking after the broader community.

Working from home: Safe from coronavirus, but how safe is the new “workplace”?

As a result of COVID-19, many New Zealanders now find themselves working from home for the immediate future. Employers need to ensure their employees are equipped and ready to work from home.

COVID-19: An Employer's Guide

Mercer Marsh Benefits presents an employer's guide for navigating COVID-19.

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COVID-19: People Risk Key Coverages and Claims Considerations

As COVID-19 continues to interrupt businesses, it is paramount for employers to continually review their risk profile and assess how their People Risk coverages may be impacted.



Business implications

As business operations are disrupted and companies are forced to adapt to changes triggered by COVID-19, we explore the immediate and long term implications this rapidly-evolving?situation has?on organisations and across industries.

Take a Risk-Agnostic Approach to Supply Chain Problems

Whether to manage a pandemic or other risk, food and beverage companies need to understand their entire supply chains, identify vulnerabilities, and take action when problems arise.

COVID-19: Cybersecurity Checklist for Remote Working

With this Cybersecurity Checklist, learn how to better guard against cyber threats in the current remote environment.

COVID-19: Managing Work Stoppages Under Construction Contract Works Policies

Many construction sites could be forced to close or have their work slowed. It is vital that companies respond without delay to reduce the potential for significant consequences later on.

Volatile oil prices due to Coronavirus and the potential impact on insurance

Due to the knock on effects of Covid-19, the marine transport and oil-trading industries should prepare by ensuring their insurance cover is as effective as practicable in this contango market. This is particularly relevant to all operating in the marine industry.

COVID-19's Critical Disruption of Complex Supply Chains

Understanding the complexity of supply chains and the potential impact of new disruptive events, such as coronavirus (COVID-19), is key.

COVID-19: The Impact on the Cargo Industry

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on supply chains will affect the cargo industry and could leave cargo owners and carriers less insured than they imagine.



The latest updates and discussions on key coverage issues faced by the New Zealand insurance market and organisations across the board.

COVID-19: Next Steps for Your Cyber Insurance

Cyber policies offer incident response services that can help in the COVID-19 risk environment. Underwriters also have new concerns to be aware of for renewal discussions.

COVID-19: Trade and Credit Insurance Implications

COVID-19 is set to have a much longer economic impact than analysts initially predicted, presenting risks to global trade and business operations. We discuss the implications and latest response from trade credit, political risk and surety insurance markets.

COVID-19: Implications for Cyber, Media, and Tech/IT Liability Coverage

COVID-19: Implications for Cyber, Media, and Tech/IT Liability Coverage. Risks and challenges may emerge with the adoption of social distancing and stay-at-home protocols to reduce COVID-19’s adverse effects.

Aviation: Taking practical action in the face of COVID-19

Marsh shares some practical insurance considerations to support the aviation industry, one of the most impacted sectors as a result of COVID-19.




Risk management

How do organisations plan, respond to and recover from a pandemic like COVID-19? Has your business continuity plan been properly tested before being mobilised? What actions should you take now versus in six months time and are there alternative ways of managing risk? As businesses navigate through these questions, learnings from today will help to shape organisations’ preparedness for the next crisis.

Coronavirus Planning, Response, and Recovery

During a special Marsh webcast, panelists looked at how businesses can respond to and recover from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and prepare for future outbreaks.

Coronavirus resilience – preparing and responding to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak

Discover the key actions your business should take to prevent, respond or recover from an outbreak such as the novel Coronavirus – including a 4-step action plan. This fact sheet also shares some practical steps you can take to reduce the risks to your staff, customers and business disruption.

Pandemics – Addressing a Growing Threat to Businesses in Asia

Despite advances in medicine and improved infection control practices, this developing outbreak along with the swine flu and Zika pandemics in the last decade stand as stark reminders of the dangers posed by rapidly spreading disease.

New Coronavirus Outbreak: Immediate Steps for Multinationals

The World Health Organization considers the emerging coronavirus outbreak “a high risk, regionally and globally,” underscoring how important it is for multinational organizations to take action now to protect people and operations.



Navigating through the pandemic lifecycle

Uncover the changing risks and issues businesses are facing throughout each phase of the pandemic lifecycle and explore ways to manage them,

Understanding the pandemic lifecycle


We are here for you

As COVID-19 continues to affect how we all do business and interact with one another, we are committed to continue to deliver timely and relevant information to our clients and broader community. If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about the impact coronavirus is having on your business, please reach out to your Marsh representative, or email us?here.

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